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Looking to add a hedge to your garden?

Looking for your hedge to take a particular shape?

Tired of having an exposed back yard?     Add privacy to your garden. 


For a new hedge, call 01708 642 171

Beautiful landscape garden with grass and flowers Mowed lawn surrounded by a fence and hedge

Has your hedge become overgrown?

we will help restore it to its former glory

Is it in desperate need of some care and attention? With 1st Call Tree Services, we will help restore it to its former glory. As a prominent part of any garden, having a hedge that is well kept is vital to having a beautiful garden. If your hedge is left to the elements, it can become an eyesore and ruin a lovely garden.


At 1st Call Tree Services, we will help transform your hedge into a masterpiece. From simple pruning to more complex shaping, our experienced team will make it happen.

If you have seen a certain style of hedge and you want that replicated in your garden, our experienced professionals will make it happen. From simple to advanced shapes, we know how to do it all.

If you're worried about the lack of privacy in your home, adding a hedge is a great way to not only add natural beauty but also re-take your own space and allow you to relax. Call us today to discuss your options.